The Photos Mac OS app is great to use to manage photos all in one place including editing photos until you are unable to access the actual photo files. There are several ways in locating them and I think this is the easiest, manual way of doing so. Here is a step-by-step process on how to locate photo files on Mac OS computer with screen shots.

How to Access Photo Files on Mac OS:

1. Open the Photos App (from bottom menu or from Applications in Finder):
Image showing the photo app icon (step 1 to access photo files on Mac OS computer).
2. In the top menu bar, click on “Photos”; then, click on “Preferences”:
Image showing the photo app opened and where to select Preferences (step 2 to access photo files on Mac OS computer).
3. Click on “Show in Finder” option in the General tab of the new window that opened:
Image showing new window that has the "Show in Finder" option and where to select it (step 3 to access photo files on Mac OS computer).
4. Then, right-click on “Photos Library”:
Image showing new window and Photos Library app (step 4 to access photo files on Mac OS computer).
5. In the drop-down, click on “Show Package Contents”:
Image showing dropdown and where to select "Show Package Contents" (step 5 to access photo files on Mac OS computer).
5. And, lastly, click on the “Masters” folder to access all of your picture files organized by year and so forth.
Image showing where to select "Masters" file to acces the photos (step 5 to access photo files on Mac OS computer).

These steps are great if you want to know the exact path to your photo files on your Mac.

Another Way:

There is an even quicker way in locating your photo files – by using the Mac OS – Go To / File Folder option/app.
1. From your main desktop, in the Finder Toolbar/Main menu; click on the “Go” drop-down, then click on the “Go To Folder” option:
An image showing how to get to the Go To app in Mac to access photo files.
2. Type in the path name of the file: ~/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/Masters/
Exactly as show above. And, click Go. This will bring you directly to your photo files Masters folder!
Image showing step two of another way of locating photo files on Mac through Go To feature.
I hope this quick tutorial will help you accessing your photo files with ease. If you would like to share a better or different way or have any questions, comment below and Subscribe to get updated on new posts!
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