Last time, I posted pictures of the Asphalt Vinylux – a gray, more of a neutral color. This time, I decided to go for something brighter – I chose the above bright red polish called Wildfire. It looks amazing! Really shiny and simply stunning. Red is a great choice for any outfit esp if you are wearing neutrals and want a small pop of color.
You can view my full review of the Vinylux polish [here]. And, remember the following benefits and tips when applying:

  • Lasts for a about a week (yes, it will depend on how you use your nails like washing dishes – let the dishwasher do the work lol; or how much time you spend in a pool or a bath, etc) – either way this will last a long longer than normal polish)
  • Dries fast
  • Great colors
  • Strong – helps to grow your nails (because it will not chip as fast)
  • Shiny
  • Easy to remove (I use 100% Acetone salon nail polish remover – makes it a lot easier to remove any polish)

And, here are some tips for using it. I will also be posting tutorials and more info soon.

  1. Make sure you clean the nails well. This is really important, if you don’t it will not last as long. If you buy a set of these polishes, it normally comes w/ a blue cleaner that cleans well; Clean the nails w/ nail polish remover and clean cuticles, etc.
  2. Be patient; this polish dries fast but just make sure each coat you apply dries well and the top coat
  3. You need to use the top coat
  4. Cap the edges with the top coat
  5. Don’t put any lotion or oil on your hands before applying

Have your tried the red color yet?
What are your favorite Vinylux colors? Share your stories with this polish. 🙂