Happy Monday everyone! Not… Who likes Mondays? Well, not many but you can always look great and feel great every day if you put in effort into your outfits and, at least from my experience, the outfit makes my day. If I am wearing something uncomfortable or something I have to fuss about all day, I feel like the day is just not that enjoyable. So, here is my Monday outfit, ready for Spring.PINK5Today, in Denver, the temperature is record high for this time of the year – 79. Definitely, the Spring is on the way and that makes me feel great – I am so ready. It makes me want to hide all of the winter clothing and shoes and start wearing bright and light colors, flowy blouses and dresses, sandals, etc. I know I can’t do that yet because today it is 79, tomorrow or a week later we can still get hit with a snowstorm. I wore my contemporary lavender/gray blouse that I got recently from Forever 21 and my favorite black leggings with a leather-like insert. I thought that they would not be that comfortable because of the insert but they are super comfortable and now are my favorite – and yes they are from Forever 21.
PINKPINK2PINK3PINK4I am also wearing my favorite brown booties and purple bracelets with silver ball earrings. I chose purple because it gets the lavender color out of the blouse and adds color in general. All of the accessories were purchased at different times at a thrift store – all under $5. The pants and the blouse were under $50. Overall, a very comfortable outfit – great for work and for going out after or for shopping. I think this outfit is pretty versatile.
What do you think? Where do you see yourself wearing something like this?
What kind of bargains do you find?