Honeymoon Vacation at an All-Inclusive Resort in Cozumel, Mexico


We got married on a beautiful, sunny day in August of 2015 at the Greenbriar Inn. But, did not take our Honeymoon vacation until later in May of 2016. We researched quite a bit of all-inclusive resorts and stopped on Secrets Aura in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico. We were not sure what to expect as we have never experienced an all-inclusive resort. In short, we had an amazing time there and we cannot wait to go back.
Here I will try my best to summarize each day of our trip; although, it will be hard because each day was packed with goodness! I hope this will provide you a general idea about an all-inclusive resort, honeymoon vacation, Mexico. And, help you make a decision with whatever you are planning. There are quite a few tips on the bottom of this blog that will help you make your vacation even more pleasant.


Check out a video that we made of our honeymoon, so see for yourself what it was like (well, a portion of it): https://youtu.be/WqehqCePjZ8 .

The Details:

We flew from Denver to Houston to Cozumel… with just enough time to transfer to a different plane, so the flights were pretty short. We landed in Cozumel just before noon to have a good chunk of the day to enjoy our vacation! The island from the plane looked gorgeous with clear, turquoise water and just made us excited for our destination. At the airport, at security, there was an officer with a dog that was sniffing all of the luggage. When we went through security, someone told us to head straight to a shuttle service and avoid the solicitations from some travel companies, which was a really good tip. We exchanged about $100 to pesos when we were still at home to have available for the shuttle and other things.

Day 1:

When we first arrived at Secrets, we were greeted by friendly people and with glasses of cold champagne. After a few minutes of relaxing on the couch and taking in the experience with smiles to our ears, we were taken to our room on a golf cart. We came in into a cool room and everything was clean and nicely arranged. We saw a nice looking room with the view of the pool, palm trees and the bar next to the pool. The sound outside was very unique there with unique bird sounds that really take you into vacation vibe. Room details: nicely arranged, comfy bed, mini fridge, TV (who cares about a TV on a resort vacation though?), large bathroom with a large tub, good shower, available safe (we used it to lock important stuff) and very clean. The person that cleaned it every day was very nice. Everything was there just like in any good hotel room – towels, toiletries, etc.
We also arrived to a big plate of fresh fruit (my husband ordered that though ahead because he planned our honeymoon and he talked to staff there to plan every day). Our room was on the 2nd floor at first… Then, we left our luggage and decided to go look around – their property is pretty big and there are many places to go and look at – we were super excited! The beach looked gorgeous with their pier, clear, blue water and white sand. The beach is rocky, which is why water shoes are a MUST. We were hungry, so first we went to visit their restaurant at the beachfront – Oceana. It is a perfect spot for a restaurant – you eat and see the waves, just a perfect atmosphere. The food was also delicious. My husband ordered the special – fish of the day and it was fresh (caught that day on their beach). And, how amazing is it that after the dinner, you don’t have to take out your wallet to pay? (unless you want to tip your hard-working, friendly waiter). They have a good cocktail menu. During this trip overall, we were able to try different types of drinks with ease: they have many spots to get any type of drink you want (our fave was Miami Vice frozen drink). After checking out the beach, we went to dress-up for the evening and went to check out the Market Cafe evening buffet. The restaurant is huge and we had a drink there but no food (the only thing I would say is it would be nice for them to have a bit more variety of food in the evening – maybe it was just that night because at the resort, the food options are great). We visited this cafe several times during our stay for breakfast and it was great! Lots of options! After the cafe, we went to see the beautiful sunset on the beach and take some awesome pics and then we went back to Oceana for dinner – really good food again.

Day 2:

The next morning, we went to roam around, take some pretty pictures, enjoy the beauty outside and look for breakfast. We went to the Windows Bar that was next to Oceana at the beachfront as well. The weather at the time was perfect: humid, about 80 degrees and semi-cloudy with sun peaking through! The breakfast was great and the cute jars of jam and honey were a nice bonus. After the breakfast, we went to check out the beach further down and noticed 2 hammocks on the beach – in the water. They were perfect for pictures or relaxing. This time we fully explored the resort to see what is all there and noticed a pretty area with stores and a small espresso cafe with some desserts – IT IS AWESOME! The cafe had a great selection of hot and cold drinks (lattes and frozen frap-like drinks – and, they sprinkle cinnamon on top!) and dessert – very cute place, which we visited every time we passed by and got to try a variety of goodies. Much better than Starbucks!
After we went back to the room, we noticed that our A/C was leaking water, we called about it and they quickly helped us by moving us to a room on the first floor with a SWIM-UP! We were happy with the service there, otherwise it would really suck to stay in a room with water on the floor. The swim-up room was even better – definitely a big difference to have a swim-up than not. From our little pool, we had direct access to slides, which we tested later and they were a BLAST! We chilled at OUR little pool accessible from the room. After that, we went to the beach to snorkel and the fish were beautiful – different sizes – it was great and fun! That night, my husband surprised me with a huge bouquet of flowers (that staff delivered) along with rose petals and chocolate-covered strawberries. That night we also had a surprise visitor: a very pretty cat with blue eyes! He later came back to us several times during the vacay, so we think he lives there. We got ready for dinner and went out. We saw a huge checkers game outside of the Bordeaux French restaurant. So, that is where we went to eat. There was a bit of wait but worthwhile. While we waited, they served us cocktails – how awesome! Such an awesome experience! Our server was super nice and helpful; we had cheese fondue appetizer with fire display – pretty cool; the food was great! We wanted to come back here later but there were so many other choices that we didn’t get a chance. Just another reason to come back! By the way, the chicken cordon bleu was delicious.

Day 3:

The next morning, we went for breakfast to the Market Cafe buffet – really good food. They even had a buffet-style cocktail drink bar, where you could make your own Bloody Marys, Mimosas, etc. Since I had no idea how to make a Bloody Mary, I asked one of the staff members to show me how and he was happy to. It was the best Bloody Mary I’ve ever had and I learned how to make one. After that, we got ready for a trip to snorkel outside of the resort – Columbia Reef. We bought the tickets at the resort – we got to the snorkel location by a boat and it was pretty affordable – about $35.00 p/p. I never snorkeled in the open ocean before and it was so much fun. We saw lots of fish and coral – took lots of pictures/videos with our GoPro. On the way there, we got lucky and two dolphins started following the boat – it was so awesome to see! The boat ride alone was beautiful (the scenery, the dolphins, the water, etc.).
That night my husband and I got ready to go out for dinner and he surprised me with a Tipi on the beach with champagne, snacks and fruit (the staff did a great job decorating the sand next to it with names and words) ANDDDDDD that night, the resort cooked lots of different and delicious foods on the beach – it was a Luau. We got some food and went back to our Tipi to eat and enjoy the sunset – it was so romantic. That night after the Luau, they set-up chairs and had a show for everyone with dancing and games. It was such a fun day! That night we came to a room with rose petals and candles – very romantic (again, this was extra that my husband arranged with the staff that kept helping him organize stuff like this).

Day 4:

The next morning, for breakfast, we decided to experience their Room Service. They had many Room Service food options – very good options. Since we were starving and wanted to taste different things, we got quite a bit of items – it was pretty quick and the food was delicious… AND, nicely prepared/plated. The coconut ice cream is a must try. To our surprise, only one guy was carrying all of the food! That is really hard work to do that especially in that heat (dressed in a uniform)! It was also really nice to enjoy it by our little swim-up pool. That day, my husband requested a “Honeymoon” sign posted on our door and they did. During the day, we went to the beach to snorkel right on the Secrets shore – so many different fish! Then, we dressed up and went out for the evening to check out the rooftop Sky Bar and sushi restaurant – very pretty area… we ordered drinks and some sushi appetizers; even though, we were not at the restaurant part – we were in the bar area. The sushi was delicious. This is a perfect place to watch the sunset and the beach. Not to mention, after we ate, they had LIVE music there. It was a really fun night! When we came back to the room, my husband had them set-up a board game for us – really cool and romantic.

Day 5:

The next day, we had breakfast at the Market Cafe again. After that, while my husband waited in the room, I went out on a walk to go talk to their planning staff to surprise my husband with something for the next day. When I was coming back to the room through the beach, I saw they were serving Pina Coladas on the beach in real, full-size coconuts and pineapples as cup holders. The drinks were delicious!!! I came back to our room with a great surprise. After that, we got ready for a day of pictures… And, went on a “picture” walk to take nice pictures of us everywhere. Also, we wanted to check out the rest of the resort. We found beautiful spots – hammocks in many places, checked out other paths, even went to the nearby resort and in the front of it, they had a bar with swings! – pretty nice). We could have used their amenities too but we did not have time. We kept taking the pictures until the sunset and went to the beach when there was no one there. My husband brought us drinks and we just relaxed there and enjoyed the moment. Once we were done with pictures, we went to the Sky Bar but to the actual sushi restaurant this time. We tried different items on the menu! All of the sushi and the service were great. But, the best was the special dessert, which is not on the menu! The day before, when we were having some drinks at the Sky Bar, our waiter told us to come back the next day to the sushi place and ask for him, so that he can serve us the fried ice cream with a fire show!  Well, we did and It was amazing – everyone next to us started asking about it. At some point, we also checked out the club they have – Desires. We were not a big fan of it due to the music. And, the wait for the drinks, but it is there if you are into clubs.

Day 6:

The following day, I surprised my husband with an in-room breakfast that we both enjoyed. It was cute and romantic. I wanted to do something special for him since he did so much for me during this trip. After that, we enjoyed our swim-up room slides (sled into the main pool) for a while. It was just a blast! For the evening, we dressed up and went out to walk around – or at least I thought we would… My husband, once again, surprised me with dinner, but not just any dinner – dinner on their pier (very private). That was amazing! The waiter was extremely helpful and friendly. The food was perfect too. The pier was was closed just for us… how cool was that??!! After the dinner, we saw the resort getting ready at the shore for an event. They were preparing for “Mayan” dancers to perform – we watched the full show and it was AMAZING! The show and its music were really cool that they kind of brought you into the story.
We went to the room after and chilled in our little cool! This was our last night at the resort. It was so sad to get ready to leave the next day. This was the first vacation where we would have loved to stay for more days. Other vacations, at the end, you feel like “yes! I am ready to go home”. Overall, we stayed here for 6 nights and 7 days.

Day 7:

The day when we needed to leave, we enjoyed our last breakfast and packed. And, then went out to enjoy as much as we could before we had to leave. Other suggestions I would make to this all-inclusive resort are to make some minor fixes at some parts of the resort and have mini fridge stocked fully upon arrival.
Throughout the stay, we tried lots of great food and drinks. We witnessed great service and friendly staff. All of the staff there are genuinely nice and hard-working. We spent a great time here – our honeymoon.


  1. Come with WATER shoes because of the rocky beach and coral under the water – otherwise it will be pretty rough to walk and you won’t have fun. Here is an example: https://amzn.to/2tzQclM – the beach is sandy out of the water;
  2. Buy a good SNORKELING MASK – this beach is perfect for snorkeling – lots of pretty fish! Do not buy a cheap snorkeling mask where you have to constantly come out to breathe. Here is the one that we got and it is still affordable but with this one you do not need to come out of the water to breathe: https://amzn.to/2N3DcNw . And, you will not have to worry and just enjoy and have fun;
  3. Anti-fogging spray for your mask is also very useful, so that you can properly see through the mask without having to worry about fog – https://amzn.to/2msVprN – that is one thing we wish we had;
  4. Bring extra SUNSCREEN! We got two bottles – 30 SPF and 50 SPF. 30 for getting a tan and 50 for when we are in water – for the back. The 30 SPF bottle went quick since we were in and out of the water and the sun is pretty strong here. So, we needed to get more at their small store. As in any tourist place or attraction, the price for it there was really expensive. Next time, we will be prepared! Definitely get different SPF sunscreens depending on what you are doing (I got a really good tan with 30 SPF) https://amzn.to/2uxKuBy ;
  5. Bring extra swimwear (swimsuit or shorts). If you are planning to be in the pool or on the beach every day or multiple times a day in between meals, you will use your swimwear many times. You don’t want to run out and wear a cold and wet swimsuit. A hat is also useful due to the strength of the sun;
  6. When at the Cozumel airport and after you go through security, ignore any solicitations and go directly to the shuttle service to take you to the resort;
  7. Bring CASH for tips to have at an all-inclusive resort or other items just in case. $1 bills are best; a general rule we saw online was people saying to tip a bartender $1.00 for every 3 drinks. But, that is up to you… We tipped based on service, some more, some less and sometimes we had no cash with us.

We love how we spent our honeymoon!