Snowboarding is AWESOME!

This picture is of Raz and I going snowboarding about the 3rd time together (last year). He was the one that introduced me to it and I have been wanting to snowboard since I was a teen after playing the SSX Snowboarding video game with my brother. I started snowboarding at 28. Raz was the one that showed me the basics and taught me how to do it as well as his sister. We snowboarded in Loveland, Colorado, which is not too far from Denver.
It is definitely not easy to get used to but it is SUPER FUN. I did ski before trying snowboarding and I gotta say snowboarding is a lot more fun.
I had a tough time getting up w/ the snowboard on so the tip I was given by them was to make sure to focus on the feet strength when trying to get up, not on the butt muscles. Other tips were to relax and lean forward.
Even though, I am still learning, I wish I could have the ability to snowboard more often. It is so fun, an amazing workout, refreshing, appetite-building and just pure awesome! When I went snowboarding for the first time, I was lucky that Raz’s sister had quite a few things I could borrow and they told me what to bring but in case you don’t, here is a check list that I made :). I use it every time we go on a snowboarding trip to make sure we don’t forget anything. If you do go the first time, try not buy anything but borrow if you can or rent so you can get a feel first of what is comfortable for you.
This is a checklist that can be used over and over again to make sure you don’t forget anything for your fun trip.
Snowboarding Checklist
You can download the free snowboarding checklist here by following this post [link] :). Enjoy!
Also, snowboarding gear could be expensive BUT I would definitely recommend in getting quality things especially the gear such as bindings. I will be posting more details and tips about snowboarding as I learn more and more about it. Next blog will be about the gear and the clothing in detail such as dos and don’ts, tips and things I learned about each item on the checklist. You can now find this blog post by clicking [here].

I would love to hear your experiences as well.
What do you love about snowboarding? What challenges did you have?