If you have a date planned and don’t want to look too overdressed but still cute then this outfit is for you. It is really easy to out together. This is something I would wear on a date with my fiance. The colors in this outfit will be perfect for fall, early spring or even winter with a warm jacket. The pieces here are also pretty versatile so if you need to work that day during the day, then you can totally go to work wearing this and then pull it off at night.

{blouse} {boots} {watch} {jeans} {bag} {belt} {earrings} {bracelets}

Not only are these pieces versatile but also really comfortable. I love boots and they go with so many different things – jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, etc. Ideally, you should own the basic color boots in your wardrobe – at least brown, black and gray – because they can be matched with a lot of different types of outfits. A flowy blouse can dress-up any outfit and I love the blue here. Gold jewelry and accessories match the brown of the outfit perfectly and tie everything together.
Be creative, the outfit shown here doesn’t have to be exact – it is meant for inspiration. Create one from things you have or what you find while shopping and share :). I’d love to see.
What do you think about these colors? This outfit?