027March 8th is an amazing holiday. It is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. It is a day to just focus on us – women and realize that each one of us makes a difference in this world – small or large. So, my friends Jenifer, Nicole and I decided to attend an event here in Denver organized by 303 Magazine – FEM: Female. Entrepreneur. Marketer. on a beautiful Sunday – March 8th.
The concept of the event was what interested us in it in the first place, which is coming to the event wearing purple and donating business clothing or accessories to disadvantaged women that need clothing for their career needs or life in general. RAZ_2777Even though it was a pretty small event, a lot of women gathered and donated. We got to sample a few things here and there, met inspiring women and laughed our butts off.
Jenifer (on the left) was wearing dark-washed jeans, faux-leather jacket, cute black booties and a bright purple scarf with purple earrings, Nicole (middle) wore a striped white and black cardigan, blue jeans, hot black high-heeled boots and purple accessories to top it off, I (on the right) wore a white and purple flowy blouse with black leggings, my favorite brown booties and purple accessories.
We had a ton of fun and were honored to participate in an event helping women. Oh yes, and visited a truck boutique – yeah, like a taco truck but with clothing.
Hope you enjoyed reading!