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I love jewelry and I am lucky to have an amazing collection. When you have a lot of jewelry and want to wear it instead of it laying in a pile, you want to make sure you have a good way to organize it so you can actually see it and use it. I did a lot of research online and there are a lot of different types of jewelry holders but not what I was looking for – something minimalist and simple: I wanted my jewelry to be the focus on the holder and so I can pretty much place it anywhere on the wall.
I asked my handy fiance to design something that is just that and he did; not just design, he made them into an actual holder! I am now using about 10 of them and keep adding more.
They are amazing as I can organize by color or by jewelry type. Some have only necklaces, some only bracelets, some rings or earrings – it is SO versatile.
Since I am in love with them, I asked Raz to make more and write a tutorial on how they are made if you want to make them yourself OR simply buy some from us  – not only are they 100% handmade with love and care but $0.50 from each holder will go towards a charity.

Here is the DIY Jewelry Holder Tutorial by Raz:

My fiance loves her jewelry and she always matches it perfectly to her outfits. She has a lot of choices, but most of the time she faces the same issue that I have when I try to find two screws that match in my tool box – challenging sometimes.

As she mentioned above, she wanted something simple and minimalist so with having some blocks of wood laying around in my garage, I came-up with this idea, which worked really well.
Not only does it provide a visual display of the jewelry, but it also helps with sorting the jewelry and makes it accessible and organized. It is sturdy and will not fall off of the wall with a pretty good amount of jewelry.
We hung it on a wooden wall and on drywall and it works great on both. I decided to go for snaps in the back to help with the mounting on the wall.

It does require a lot of handy work, so if you wish to skip that and just enjoy it, you can buy it from us.

Before I start on describing how to build it, here is the list of required tools and materials:


1. A device to cut the wood to the desired size (a band saw, a table saw, miter saw, or other)
2. A sanding device (it’s not worth the time to do it by hand)
3. A drilling device
4. A small hand saw to cut the brass pipes
5. A vise, to hold/clamp whatever you need held in place
6. A punch tool and a hammer for the snaps
7. Wood screws (to mount the snaps to the wood)
8. Pencil (to mark the cut lines or mounting contour for the snaps)


1. Red wood

2. Brass or aluminum tubes/pipes

3. Snaps and screws

4. Metal (aluminum) plates

construction and assembly

Here is a visual, step-by-step picture DIY guide.
Click on the first one for a more detailed view and the additional information.

After you have gathered all the parts you would want to cut the wood to the desired size. It really doesn’t matter how long you make it, one thing you need to keep in mind is that the length of the block needs to cover the combined diameter of the snaps, plus a little room for the screws that you will use to mount the block, on the wall. Once the blocks are cut to the desired size, you will need to sand them down and smooth those sharp corners resulted from cutting.

When the blocks are smooth and ready for the holes, proceed to the drilling part.
You will have to match the diameter of the rods, to the drill bit in order to have the correct hole diameter. You can go a step bigger on the drill bit, but not smaller than the rod’s diameter because the rod needs to slide in smoothly.

Once the holes are done in the wood block, you would cut the rods to the desired length.

The rods usually come in 36 inches length, which is enough for 3 smaller rods.
About 12 inches looks good and provides enough surface for hanging the jewelry on it.
After cutting them to size, remember to sand down the sharp corners, in order to avoid any cuts or scrape marks on skin or jewelry. Then, cut the metal sheet of your choice.
This part will hold the block, through the snaps, to the wall.
When cutting it to size, make sure the cut metal sheet size, is a tad smaller than the length of the block, so that it does not show when seen from the front.

Drill 4 holes in the metal sheet  one on each side of the metal part.
Use a pair for mounting the snaps and a pair for the wall screws.

Fasten the snaps using the punch tool and proceed on marking the location of the snaps, on the wooden block. Mock place the metal part, with the mounted snaps on the wooden block and roughly trace the contour of the snaps on the wooden piece. This will help you with mounting the receiving part of the snap, on the wooden block.
Use the screws to secure the receiving part of the snaps, in the traced contour you previously did.

IMPORTANT: Place the rod and align it BEFORE you mount the snaps on the wooden block. If everything is centered properly, the screws will secure the rod in place without the need for glue.
If for some reason, the rod is not secured after the the screw went all the way in, you can always use wood glue to lock it in place. You do need to leave it for 24 hours to harden before it’s secure enough to be used.

Once the snaps are on, you are good to go and mount it wherever you want!

That’s it. You just did it.

If you don’t wish to spend time on making these, just get the from us – they are affordable and will make a huge difference for you in organization.

They are handmade with care and every piece is unique.

Jewelry blocks

Minimalist Jewelry Holder/Organizer

$0.00 (tax incl.)

I love jewelry and I am lucky to have an amazing collection. When you have a lot of…

I love jewelry and I am lucky to have an amazing collection. When you have a lot of…

How did the making process go? Did you find it easy to use? If you have any questions, please ask.

Any thoughts and/or questions are welcome!

Thank you for reading.


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  2. I love this design. Great instructions and I will try to make it next week!!! If all fails, I will get it from you.
    I have not seen anything out there like this.
    Thumbs up!!!!!!

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