Monday Outfit – Ready for Spring

    Happy Monday everyone! Not… Who likes Mondays? Well, not many but you can always look great and feel great every day if you put in effort into your outfits and, at least from my experience, the outfit makes my day. If I am wearing something uncomfortable or something I have to fuss about all day, I feel like the day is just not that enjoyable. So, here is my Monday outfit, ready for Spring.Today, in Denver, the temperature is record high for this time of the year – 79. Definitely, the Spring is on the way and that makes me feel great – I am so ready. It makes me…


    303 Magazine FEM: Female. Entrepreneur. Marketer. Event

    March 8th is an amazing holiday. It is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. It is a day to just focus on us – women and realize that each one of us makes a difference in this world – small or large. So, my friends Jenifer, Nicole and I decided to attend an event here in Denver organized by 303 Magazine – FEM: Female. Entrepreneur. Marketer. on a beautiful Sunday – March 8th. The concept of the event was what interested us in it in the first place, which is coming to the event wearing purple and donating business clothing…


    Casual Work Outfit of the Day

    I am in love with the color gray esp recently. It is such a great neutral. I also love the fact that my workplace does not require strict attire meaning uncomfortable dress shirts or suits – I work in an office environment. So, I am definitely taking advantage of that now, which is wearing comfortable clothing while playing with different accessories and such. I don’t overdo it though like wearing blue jeans every day or athletic type of wear. Plus, I love to dress up so too casual is not my style. I’ll talk a little bit about the items I am wearing. The gray long-sleeve tunic is from Forever…


    Casual Date Night Outfit

    If you have a date planned and don’t want to look too overdressed but still cute then this outfit is for you. It is really easy to out together. This is something I would wear on a date with my fiance. The colors in this outfit will be perfect for fall, early spring or even winter with a warm jacket. The pieces here are also pretty versatile so if you need to work that day during the day, then you can totally go to work wearing this and then pull it off at night. {blouse} {boots} {watch} {jeans} {bag} {belt} {earrings} {bracelets} Not only are these pieces versatile but also…


    Friday Favorites

    Today is Friday and I am in an amazing mood, not only because it is Friday but because it is 70 degrees here in Colorado today – yes it is February. So, this gorgeous weather inspired me to put together this colorful, stylish and comfy out fit. And, I hope this outfit could be an inspiration to you for this Spring, which I cannot wait for as well as Summer. Since I am done with school completely, I am so in the mood for traveling this year. I linked the stores of these items but this is mainly for inspiration to create an outfit similar or the same so have…


    Black + Gold Outfit

    I’m in love with this soft black long-sleeve top I got recently at TJMaxx not too long ago, it goes with so many things! I think I am going to be getting things like this top more often – versatile. I love all colors, period… but recently I’ve been obsessed with black, beige, gray, brown and gold, which brings me to the accessories I paired – long gold earrings, shiny and simple gold chain, gold watch – my staple, simple chain gold bracelet, black scarf w/ black polka dots and lastly my brown booties w/ gold hardware. These skinny jeans are my favorite! I got them at Forever 21 a…


    Vinylux CND Polish – Wildfire – Red

    Last time, I posted pictures of the Asphalt Vinylux – a gray, more of a neutral color. This time, I decided to go for something brighter – I chose the above bright red polish called Wildfire. It looks amazing! Really shiny and simply stunning. Red is a great choice for any outfit esp if you are wearing neutrals and want a small pop of color. You can view my full review of the Vinylux polish [here]. And, remember the following benefits and tips when applying: BENEFITS: Lasts for a about a week (yes, it will depend on how you use your nails like washing dishes – let the dishwasher do…


    Vinylux CND Polish Review – Great – Asphalt.

    I love doing my nails – myself – and not have to pay $30 + every time for a mani/pedi.  Don’t get me wrong treating yourself once in a while is nice but it can get costly. I’d rather buy an extra shirt or save. So, my friend and I found a really good deal on LivingSocial for a mani/pedi and decided to visit and I discovered the VINYLUX nail polish by CND and I am in love with it! You won’t be seeing me in a salon for a while! It makes me feel great having cute, clean nails and that completes an outfit. Do you feel the same?…


    Beige Tribal Cardigan

    I love this beige open cardigan that has a small “hint” of a poncho. I wore it w/ a long-sleeve black top before and a dress and noticed it works w/ pretty much anything. It is comfy and I got it at Ross on sale!!! I have been really looking for the “tribal” modern pattern and finally found it. It was perfect for a warm winter day here as it was still a bit chilly esp riding a bike. I paired this lovely cardigan w/ my favorite $7, Forever 21, dark blue jeans, some brown metallic flats, a beige long-sleeve top and some A/X sunglasses. What do you guys think…


    XoXo Betsey Johnson Super Cute iPhone 5/5s case.

    I have been looking for a perfect iPhone 5s case since I got the phone, so like 4+ months and I found it!!! It is pink and blue, which are my two favorite colors and it has flowers on them… I am also a sucker for pretty and girly packaging and this case was in a pink leopard print box! Andddd, I love Betsey Johnson stuff! She is a fun designer. See ya!