Casual Work Outfit of the Day

I am in love with the color gray esp recently. It is such a great neutral. I also love the fact that my workplace does not require strict attire meaning uncomfortable dress shirts or suits – I work in an office environment. So, I am definitely taking advantage of that now, which is wearing comfortable clothing while playing with different accessories and such. I don’t overdo it though like wearing blue jeans every day or athletic type of wear. Plus, I love to dress up so too casual is not my style.

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I’ll talk a little bit about the items I am wearing. The gray long-sleeve tunic is from Forever 21, which I got recently for about $15 – yes, super cheap – which is why I love Forever 21; same things go for the black jeans ($12) and the leaf gold necklace (about $5) – all are from the same place (I linked similar items here). I love the jeans – not only were they a good price but they are comfy and will go with pretty much any top! The boots I got a long time ago – a grunge style to them and they are comfy; as well as the Michael Kors bag – which is my favorite and it ties the whole outfit. The rest of the accessories are gold and beige like earrings and bracelets that I got randomly shopping in thrift stores – all accessories were under $8. I also got the Michael Kors bag in a thrift store quite some time ago. Anyways, the entire outfit was under $100. I absolutely love bargain shopping. Why? Because I can spend the money I save on other things.

Hope you had fun reading.

How do you feel about gray? Do you thrift shop? If so, where?



6 thoughts on “Casual Work Outfit of the Day

  1. Yana-
    That MK bag, omg. I need it. Is it new? Please say I can still buy it somewhere haha. I too am in the midst of a grey whirlwind lately. Maybe spring will bring some color back into my life, but for now I am totally content in my world of grey.

    Xoxo K

    1. This is definitely one of my favorite bags :).
      I found it at a thrift store a little while back and it was about $20 – yeah that was a lucky buy. But, I did find some for you online: click here (ebay link); Or, a similar one: here .
      I think it was designed quite some time ago so it was tough to find online. I hope this helps. I am too excited for the Spring colors and blouses. I like your blog!


  2. Hi Yana! You have a great blog! I love the comfortable neutral outfit! I am a huge fan of neutrals! I also love the way you added gold accents with your jewelry. Great look!

    1. Thank you, Heidi. I have been definitely leaning more towards neutrals lately but I love to wear colorful clothing and accessories also – it kind of depends on my mood. I checked out your blog too – very cute, esp the outfits.


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