Blueberries + Cherry Yoplait


Do you ever just want something sweet but don’t want the guilt later and tons of useless calories? I know, I do. I have a major sweet tooth so I try to eat fruit as much as possible instead of cake or cupcakes or candy… okay, I’ll stop. Anyways, recently my fiance and I randomly discovered an amazing combination – it is really delicious, simple to make and super satisfying. It will leave you full and gratify your craving. One night we were looking for something sweet in the fridge, got the blueberries out and just chose the cherry yoplait randomly, which has actual cut-up cherries inside and poured it on top to try! Grab a big spoon because you are going to love this. It is full of flavor and it feels as if you are biting into large juicy cherries – the yogurt covered blueberries now taste like cherries. So, far the cherry flavor works best, I’ve tries others and it didn’t work as well. If I find other yogurt flavors that mix with blueberries, I will share. And, trust me, you don’t need to add anything else.

Blueberries + Yoplait (1 serving)


  • A box  of blueberries
  • Yoplait yogurt or another brand (light or regular)




  • Pretty bowl
  • Big spoon

Steps :

  1. Get 1 box of blueberries out, wash them well.
  2. Place blueberries into the pretty bowl.
  3. Pour yogurt on top and cover all berries (all of the yogurt will seep through the cracks of blueberries and all will be covered in yogurt)
  4. Devour!

RAZ_1913RAZ_1921RAZ_1929RAZ_1931Also, blueberries are really good for you as they are considered to be one of the brain foods. Blueberries have a ton of benefits: low in calories (80 calories per cup so all you need to do is add the calories of the yogurt and the amount of cups you are eating), low in fat, full with Vitamic C – 25% of a person’s daily need which helps you to retain a healthy immune system, an excellent source of manganese that helps with bone development as well as converting proteins, carbs and fats into energy, full of fiber that you need for digestion and keeping your heart healthy, and lot more, according to the research of the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council. So, instead of thinking about bad carbs like cake try blueberries 🙂 – they are sweet! You can read more {here}.

Have you ever tried this combination? If not, please share your thoughts if you plan on trying it. How do you eat blueberries?



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